FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Hlocksmith photo 4ow much do you charge for locksmith services?

Answer: The price depends on what you need done. Please contact us for pricing info. 


Question: What if I can’t verify that the car/house/office is mine or I should be in there?

Answer: We will need a letter of authorization from the owner of the car/house/office. If you cannot provide identification, or authorization we will not help you. I am sure the other car, home and office owners will appreciate your cooperation.


Question: What types of services do you offer?

Answer: Please see our Service Page for more info. 


Question: Do I need to change my locks or just need my existing locks re-keyed?

Answer: Changing locks is taking the whole lock, knob/lever, latch and strick and replacing it. Re-keying a lock is taking the existing lock cylinder (leaving the rest) and changing it so that your existing key will no longer work and a new one will. Note, most of the time you will just want your locks re-keyed.


Question: Can you bill my insurance company?

Answer: No, you pay us directly and your insurance company will reimburse you if it is in your policy.


Question: Will my lock still work after you open it?

Answer: Yes, picking a lock or opening a car does not damage the lock or car. Note, the exception is if the lock is damaged or needs to be drilled. Then the lock will need to be replaced.


Question: Are you available 24 hours a day?

Answer: Yes, we are available 24/7 to take care of you in emergency situations. But we do like to sleep occasionally so scheduling is preferable even if its a couple hours in advance.


Question: Will I be charged for the service call if the locksmith cannot get me in?

Answer: No, we do not charge if we cannot get you in. Note, there are exceptions or rare circumstances for hits, but we will clarify this before we come out.